LipiFlow, the most revolutionary treatment for Dry Eye. Providing comfort to 86% of Dry Eye patients.

Dry Eye is a progressive disease and without treatment it can worsen over time. LipiFlow can treat your dry eye symptoms with its revolutionary technology,  LipiFlow, that is backed by over 25 years of scientific research. Bring comfort back to your life with LipiFlow.

See how Lipiflow treatment transformed Penny’s outlook on life


How Warm Compresses Transformed Into An Ocular innovation

Few stories in the optical industry are as compelling as the story of Tear Science and the subsequent conquest of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). And for the millions putting up with the constant irritable symptoms of dry eye, Tear Science…

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Finally, We Opened Our Eyes To The Oil Embargo

Oil has always seemed to be plentiful but some of us can remember a time when there were long lines at gas stations and oil was scarce. If you can’t remember those times, just imagine if you could not get…

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